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Why Does Life Suck?

why does life suck

We all have asked that question why does life suck? We asked that question when we are having a difficult time in our life or when we have felt that life is totally out of control. We all face a lot of problems in our life like the death of someone close to us, health issues, mental health problems, and relationship problems.

Many times when problems came they come from all sides and we have no idea what to do. As we grow we can feel that life is getting hard, things are not the same as they used to be. One reason that life sucks is that it is full of challenges and difficulties. Even if you are intelligent and wealthy, you can’t avoid the difficulties of life.

The first thing we should learn is we can’t control everything in our life. The only thing you can control is yourself and the way you respond to the problem. So stop focusing on the negative thing in your life, just try to focus on the positive things in your life. Life is all about perspective so by changing your perspective you can change your world. Make your perspective such that life looks beautiful and good.

Our brain is trained for focusing on negativity so that we can save ourselves from danger. It is the way we are biologically designed. We have evolved from wild animals to humans by fighting threats that develop an automatic response to negative thinking.

Things You Can Do When Life Sucks

You can choose to focus on fear and things you can’t control and complain about life all the time or you can choose to see the positivity in life and starts to enjoy it. If you still think that your life sucks then we are suggesting some ways which will help you to find positivity in life.

Find Those Things Which Makes You Feel Good

Instead of saying why life sucks focus on things that you have like you have a house, you have food or think about your family members. Think about your friends who help you in a bad time. Think about those positive moments you spent with your friends and family.

Think about the last time you enjoyed a movie with your family members. Think about the time when you went for a walk with your family members. After remembering these moments you will realize that life also has positive moments.

Go for swimming, take a hot bath these small moments will make you feel good. Try to find something good in your life every day.

Solve Your Problem Don’t Ignore Them

Most of the time if we have a problem in our life instead of solving it we try to ignore it. You have to learn to face your challenges and solve the problems. By solving a problem you can improve yourself and your life. Instead of postponing your problem for tomorrow, solve it today. By postponing the problem you can make yourself more anxious.

You can write down all your problems in a notebook and solve them one by one. The more you solve the problems the less you will feel that life sucks. By writing the problems you can look at them anytime which will help you to remember that you have to solve a problem.

While solving a problem doesn’t make an excuse that you don’t have time or you are tired. Make sometime every day to solve your problems. The more the problem you solved the more confidence you will get.

Take Rest

Sometimes the death of someone close, getting cheated in a relationship, or losing a job could be very painful. These are the hard times in life that everyone faces. In those moments anyone can feel that life sucks. To recover from these things you should take a rest.

Take some day off from your office, spend some time alone, watch movies, share your feelings with someone. Make yourself feel good. Taking some days off will help you to return to your normal state.

Nowadays people are more depressed, stressed, and frustrated. Everyone should learn to take care of themselves.

Stop Comparing Your Life With Others

Even if you are having a good life but comparing it with others can make it miserable. The more you compare your life with others the more you will think my life sucks. Comparison only makes life miserable. If you want to live life to its fullest you should stop comparing your life with others.

People spend most of their time on social media websites comparing their life with other people which make them sad about their own life. Social media has become a very negative place where people show off their fake life.

Try to spend some time in nature with your friends. It will make you calm and peaceful.

Letting Go Things

Sometimes surrendering yourself is a good choice. Not every problem can be solved. Sometimes you have to accept reality and live with it. By accepting the things you can not change, you get inner peace. Surrending yourself is not a sign of weakness. Surrendering yourself is a sign of wisdom.

Find A New Way

Sometimes everything goes wrong in your life you are not able to understand what to do, this is the moment when people think why does life suck so much. People started to feel stressed, frustrated and depressed. To avoid these feelings what you can do is to find a new way.

Ask yourself what way you should ahead so that you can live a happy and peaceful life. Try to approach the life in a different way.


Life is full of hurdles and challenges. Sometimes there are so many difficulties and troubles in life that we started to ask why does life suck so much. People who say that my life sucks they don’t understand that we can’t control everything. Things are out of our control, If you try to control everything then you will end up with a miserable life. In the above article, we have described ways which help you to make your life better.

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