Spiritual Sex

If you were searching about spiritual sex then you have come to the right article. Love-making is the most passionate and fun-loving activity between couples. It is a physical pleasure that everyone loves. Sex helps you to connect with your partner emotionally. Sex creates intimacy and trust between the couples. People see sex as a physical or emotional experience but very few of them can see the spiritual experience of sex.

People see sex as a spiritual practice. Sex will help you to connect with your partner spiritually. Having spiritual sex with your partner is a good thing.

What Is Spiritual Sex?

spiritual sex

Spiritual sex is sexual energy that goes beyond physical sensations and pleasures. Spiritual sex is a conscious practice that brings mindfulness to you. People who practice spiritual sex have higher awareness and consciousness.

Spiritual sex generates intense and loving feelings for your partner. It helps you to build a good relationship with your partner. It gives you ultimate bliss. In many cultures, sex is considered a sin or unspiritual but that’s not true. Sex is a natural life force that is responsible for creation. For living a spiritual life sex is very necessary.

How To Have Spiritual Sex?

Having sex is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You just need a partner for having spiritual sex.

1. Connect With Your Partner Spiritually

For having spiritual sex you need a spiritual partner which can understand you. We are spiritual beings having the human experience. You have to understand sex is a part of spirituality there is no shame and guilt in it. Sex is fantastic, wonderful, and amazing.

2. See Your Partner As A Divine Force

Your partner should also be interested in spirituality and spiritual sex. Consider your partner as a divine force not as a human being. Expand your understanding with your soul mate. Worship your partner and sex.

3. Create A Blossoming Environment For Sex

For having good spiritual sex you should create a blossoming environment. Spread flowers in bed, light candles, play some soothing music. Try to have sex for as long as possible because it will activate the inner spiritual vibrations in you.

4. Clean Your Body

clean your body

Before starting spiritual sex you should clean your body properly. You can put some oil in your body to nourish it. Wear some divine clothes which will give you the feeling of spirituality.

5. Open Yourself For Sexual Intimacy

Open yourself for sexual intimacy enjoy every moment of sex without any shame and guilt. Let the sex be unique and distinct in itself. Get so involved in sex that you can achieve high awareness. Good spiritual sex will bring luck and peace to your life.

The more sexual intimacy you and your partner have the more spiritually you will grow.

6. Enjoy Every Moment Of Orgasm

When you are at the last moment of orgasm feel the energy in your heart and body. Feel like orgasm is taking you to a blissful state. Visualize you and your partner as spirit. Try to make your sex more spiritual and sacred.

Connection Between Sex And Spirituality

Both sex and spirituality are creative energy that lies in our bodies. The more spiritual a person is, the more creative he is. Sex is one of the necessities of the human body. Sex plays a very important role in physical and spiritual health. Sex is a universal force that drives our bodies.

Every animal does sex but they use it for reproduction only humans are which use sex for pleasure and fun. Our existence depends on sex. There couldn’t have been so many humans without sex. Ignoring and surprising sexual desires cause various types of psychological disorders. Sex is one of the natural urges which occur in humans or any creature.

How To Explore Spiritual Sex

If you want to explore spiritual sex there are several ways in which you can do it. First, you have to find a partner for the spiritual sex. A partner who is really interested in spirituality. You have to be comfortable with your partner while doing sex.

Spiritual sex should be an intense and loving experience between the two of you. So choose your partner very carefully. Not only you but your partner should also enjoy the sex. While having sex, you should also keep in mind the preferences of your partner. If Your Partner Feels Uncomfortable In Spiritual Sex Then You Shouldn’t.


How can I have spiritual sex?

Just follow some of the steps before having spiritual sex:
1. There should be a spiritual connection between you and your partner.
2. Choose a divine partner.
3. Create A Blossoming Environment For Sex.
4. Clean Your body.
5. You should have a sexual intuition.
6. Make it long-lasting as much as possible.


Spiritual sex is a sexual energy which goes beyond the physical pleasure and sensation. Spiritual sex can bring higher awareness to you. In many religions sex is considered as sin but sex is a natural force which drives us. Spiritual sex helps you to connect emotionally with your partner.

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