Spiritual Rituals

When the people heard the word rituals they think of circles of candles, pentagrams, and ominous chanting. You can also think about dark rooms and voodoo dolls. Every religion has its own rituals. From Indians to Buddhists and Christians everyone has their various rituals.

It should not come as a surprise that rituals are not religious or spiritual. Rituals don’t belong to tradition. For practising the Rituals you don’t need to be religious or spiritual.

What Are Rituals?


Anyone can practice rituals they are free from age, religion, or gender. Rituals are a habitual set of actions with deep significant meaning. If rituals are practised consistently it could have a deep impact on anyone’s life.

Rituals do not have the power of their own. Rituals are like an empty cup, you can fill the empty cup with water or coffee but it does not have a value of its own. Many people do not understand this simple thing and waste time worshipping the cup rather than focusing on water.

Most of the rituals can last for a year but some of them will last for a month or week.

Some of the benefits of rituals are as follow:

  • Rituals help you to control bad habits.
  • Rituals can heal your body.
  • Rituals help awaken your healing powers.
  • Rituals are very helpful for achieving your goals.
  • It is easy to develop self discipline with the help of rituals.

Your will and intention will decide the power of your rituals.

Types Of Spiritual Rituals

Spiritual Rituals can give you many benefits. It is easy to use a ritual that is already tried and tested. Rituals can bring inner healing to you. Below you will find some of the spiritual rituals.

1. Blowing Out Candle

light a candle and blow it out

Blowing flame out of a candle is a sign of death or the end of something. It is a very good ritual if you want to end something in your life, for example, guilt or pain. This ritual will also help you to heal yourself.

To do these rituals find a quiet place, light a candle, hold a candle in your hands, stare into flame for some time think of the problem you want to end, and then blow out the flame. You can repeat this ritual for some months or weeks until the problem is not ended.

After some days or weeks, you can see the result by yourself. I have used this ritual many times and it is very useful for me. I hope you will also get the desired results.

2. Anoint Yourself

By anointing yourself you can purify and renewal yourself. It is a necessary thing to anoint yourself after a period. You can see it as a rebirth of yourself. Maybe you are feeling frustrated or having toxic energies because of your colleagues in the work, in this case anointing yourself with essential oil will help you to remove the toxic energies from your body.

You can perform this ritual whenever you feel toxic energies in your body. This ritual will help you to maintain the balance between the positive and negative energies in your body.

3. Let The Wind Carry Away The Feather

It is a very powerful ritual for letting go of your all problems. By performing this ritual properly you let them away go from you. Wind in itself is a very powerful and mysterious thing, life is not possible on earth without the wind. You can not see the wind but you can experience the power of the wind. The wind itself is a symbol of life.

The wind and feather ritual is a symbol of surrender and acceptance. This ritual is most useful during the period of life when you feel hopeless. The truth is we can’t change everything in our life the only thing we could do is to accept things and be happy.

For performing this ritual you need a feather and you have to go outside of your house, go to a place that is open. Hold the feather in your hand think of your all problems, Wait for the gust of wind. When you get a good gust of wind release the feather. As the feather goes away, your problems will also go away.

4. Burning Worries

burning paper

This is the most powerful ritual I have ever heard of. This ritual can really reduce your real worries and problems. For performing this ritual, you need a single piece of paper. Now you have to write down all your problems on this single piece of paper. You can write down all your problems or single problems which you want to get rid of.

After writing down your problems on a piece of paper goes to a place where you can find trees and plants. Now burn this single piece of paper. You can burn a piece of paper with matches or a lighter. By burning this single piece of paper, you also burn your all worries and problems.

For a better result, you can perform this ritual by writing a single problem on a piece of paper. Keep that in mind that this ritual should not be performed in-house. This ritual only works if you perform it in some open place out of the house.

You can repeat rituals as many times as you want for better results.


What are some spiritual rituals?

Rituals are a habitual set of actions with deep significant meaning. If rituals are practiced consistently it could have a deep effect on someone’s life. some of the 4 spiritual rituals are as follow:
1. Light A Candle And Blow It Out.
2. Anoint Yourself.
3. Let The Wind Carry Away The Feather.
4. Burning Worries


People from all over the world perform rituals for removing problems from their life or wants to achieve something in life. Rituals do not contain the power of their own. By performing the rituals anyone can change their life.

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