Signs Of High Vibration

In this article, we will discuss the signs of high vibration. Our bodies always vibrate but we don’t observe it very well. We live in a world full of vibrations. Your vibrations are the real energy of your body. Your body vibrations help you to attract the things you want. The law of attraction is also based on vibrations. If you can think and generate vibrations for a particular thing you can achieve it, the more the higher vibrations you generate in your body the more chances you will get it.

Your body vibrations help you to attract things towards you. Entire Universe Works on Vibrations. Show your high vibrations to the universe and you will be amazed how the universe will help you to achieve those things. Living with high vibrations could be very amazing for you.

You can divide your body vibrations into two-part. Positive vibrations or negative vibrations. Positive vibrations help you to attract positive vibrations in your life whereas negative vibrations can bring negativity in your life. In-universe everything is energy and vibration.

Here are we describing some ways which will tell you that your vibrations are increasing:

Signs Of High Vibration

High vibrations contain positive feelings and love. Good vibrations bring compassion and love to your life. Lower vibrations are associated with negativity in life. Lower vibrations bring hatred, depression, and sadness. Some of the signs that you are having high vibrations are as follows:

1. Deeper Understanding

deeper understanding

The more high vibrations your body generates the deeper understanding of the universe you will get. You would have less confusion in life and take decisions with more clarity. A deeper understanding and clarity will bring success to your life.

2. Change In Perception

Vibrating at a higher frequency also changes your perspective about life. Now you can see things in a very different way. Change in perception will change everything. Now you don’t complain universe, you just accept everything, whether it is good or bad. You will have an understanding that everything is just temporary whether it’s happiness or sadness.

3. Feeling Connected With The Universe


Many people who vibrate their body at a higher frequency feel a oneness with nature. When you realize you are the universe then you did not have any conflict about life. After realizing the oneness you don’t have a sense of separation from the universe.

4. You Feel More love For The Other People

You will find that you have been filled with love and compassion. And everyone who surrounded you loves you. You know that love is the only thing that can heal you. Love is the thing that can cure anything. Love is the real language of the universe.

5. Inner Peace

You find that you have inner peace now you don’t have any materialistic desires. You are free from materialistic desires. This peace will help you to achieve greater things in life.

6. No Ego

After not having any desires you will realize you don’t have any ego. When the ego has gone you don’t have any worldly desires. The ego is the one who gives you the sense of separation from the universe. When ego destroys you will be more connected with nature.

Everything In-Universe Is Vibration

frequency of emotions

One of the greatest scientists Albert Einstein once said that everything in life is vibration. There is nothing in the universe that does not vibrate, everything in the universe vibrates.

Every atom, molecule, particle in the universe are in constant vibrations. All are vibrating at a certain frequency. String theory says everything in-universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings.

It is the vibrational state of string that is responsible for the mass, charge, and other properties of the matter. According to Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Our whole universe vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hz and our planet earth vibrates at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. Even our songs and music contain some particular frequency which can make you feel happy and sad.

Do you know? if you hear a frequency of 19 Hz you will start to feel fear. A frequency of 19 Hz can produce fear and anxiety.

In the same way, you can feel calm and relaxed at the frequency of 432 Hz. Our body has a natural frequency of 7.5 Hz. Good moods contain high frequency whereas sad moods contain low frequency.

In the state of enlightenment, the body vibrations go to more than 700 Hz. When you achieve the 700 Hz frequency you achieve a higher level of consciousness.


Raising your vibrations can change your life. You just don’t fight with nature, you just accept everything. Raising your vibrations make you more happy and more peaceful. Living in a high vibration can be absolutely an amazing thing. We have already discussed the Signs Of High Vibrations above in the article.

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