Ego vs Soul

This article is about ego vs soul. Knowing the difference between soul and ego can transform your life. It can take you a long time to understand the difference between soul and ego. Ego is the image of yourself. It is the identity that you show to the world. You can say the soul is the spirit or your true self. The soul is your real nature or essence. Your soul makes you beautiful and valuable.

Your soul is the inner voice that can guide you in life. The soul is eternal and always present in you. Meditation, spending time in nature are the best thing you can do to build a relationship with your soul. Learn to listen to your soul because it can give you the best advice. The soul is a source of love, courage, and strength.

Learning to remove the ego when necessary is a skill that can be worth learning.

Ego Vs Soul

Both ego and soul are part of who we are. We see ego as bad and soul as good but that’s not really true. The ego is as important as the soul. The ego is the one that separates humans from animals. As far as we know, animals do not have egos like humans.

The ego can stop your soul to connect with the higher consciousness. The soul is infinite, it is beyond the lifetime. Our soul can live many lives. Understanding your soul can help you to solve your life problems. Ego is the image you have of yourself, the knowledge of I is the ego.

Ego is feared base and soul is love-based. Ego usually makes you feel bad, it can make you feel more fear, more anxiety, and more worries. The soul is calm, loving, and peaceful. The soul is the most loving kind calm gentle voice. Everything ego is telling you is a lie.

What Is Ego?

who are you

In the Latin word Ego means I. The ego is who we are. The ego is composed of thoughts, beliefs, and Identity. The ego can be very helpful for making decisions in life. Ego can help you to get the job done. Ego refers to the I.

You can think of ego as a thought which appears over and over again. The ego is our part that responds and acts to the surrounding physical world. According to psychoanalytic theory, ego coexists with the id and super ego, these three properties are proposed by Sigmund Freud.

What Is Soul?


The soul is opposite to the ego. The soul is like guided intuition by the universe. The soul is the true nature of a human being. The soul is what keeps you connected to the Universe. The soul is the main component of the body which is the fraction part of the supreme God.

The soul is the part of the body that consists of the mind, character, thoughts, and feelings. It is believed that the soul remains alive even after the death of the body.

Instructions To Spot When Your EGO Is In Charge

Some of the instructions which help you to identify that your Ego is in charge:

  • You would be filled with the emotions of hurt,anger and disappointment.
  • You are more interested in the materialistc things.
  • You overthinking things, and it is hard to make decisions for you.
  • You criticize the people around you a lot.
  • You easily get hurt and disappointed.
  • You take other people advice very seriously.

Instructions To Spot When Your SOUL Is In Charge

Some of the instructions which help you to identify that your Soul is in charge:

  • Others people advice and comment does not hurt you.
  • You did not live in the past.
  • You keep working to improve yourself.
  • You don’t have desires for the materialistic thing.
  • You don’t care about fitting in the society.
  • You believe in the universe. Life seems effortless.

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