Signs Of High Functioning Depression: Do I Have High Functioning Depression?

do I have high functioning depression? After reading this article, you will be able to give an answer to this question. In recent years depression in on rising maybe because of rapid population growth or advanced technology and lifestyle changes. High functioning depression is another form of depression that is growing very rapidly. It could be possible that you will be hearing about high functioning depression first time because most of the time it goes undiagnosed.

do i have high functioning depression

The signs of high functioning depression are very similar to major depression. Changing in eating and sleeping habits, fatigue, hopelessness and low self-esteem are some of the signs of high functioning depression. People with high functioning depression can normally work in their office but they struggle internally. By taking the right therapy and medication you can easily treat your high functioning depression.

Sign Of High Functioning Depression

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High Functioning Depression is a real thing. Many mental health professionals did not accept the High Functioning Depression but it is a very misleading statement. The problem is diagnosing High Functioning Depression is very difficult for mental health professionals. Some of the signs of high functioning depression are described below:

1. Working Too Much

People who spend too much time in their work or office have more chances of having a high functioning depression. People’s too much working habits and unhealthy lifestyles become a cause of high functioning depression. People just want to ignore their life problems just by working.

2. Becoming More Critical For Yourself And Others

Another sign of high functioning depression is you become harsher on yourself and others. It looks like nothing is good enough for you. You think that your boss is too strict with you, your colleagues did not like you, your friends are not good and everything seems unfair to you. By thinking all that stuff you are just distracting yourself from all the painful emotions.

If you look observe properly you will find that it is just because of low self-confidence or negative thinking.

3. Feeling Tired All The Time

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One of the very common signs of depression and high functioning depression is exhaustion and tiredness. Even after taking a good night sleep people feel very tired. People did not want to do any work, they just lie down in bed all the time.

Even if they wanted to do some work their body cells like ‘oh I can’t do it, I am tired’. Even after sleeping for 8 hours, they feel more sleepy. Does not matter how much good you sleep, how better you eat you will always feel tired and exhausted.

4. Mind Chattering All The Time.

Your brain keeps thinking about the problem again and again. It is very hard to stop the mind chatter. People started to do more work just to stop the mind chatter. They run from one meeting to another, even doing the work at home.

People do everything to stop the mind chattering. People started to fear their negative thinking. People are afraid that life will disappoint them again.

5. Afraid Of Something Bad Can Happen

People with high functioning depression is always worried about the future and unrealistic problems. They have continuous anxiety about their life. Feels hopeless and worried. Always afraid that something bad can happen to them.

People are so much afraid that they can’t even work properly. People lose their connection with reality and social life. People are afraid that life can turn from bad to worse in no time.

6. Doubting Your Own Decisions

People start getting doubts about themselves and their decisions. Losing confidence in yourself and doubting your decision is very common things for people with High Functioning Depression. Doubt and depression go together with the more you are depressed the more you doubt yourself.

People thought that they are worthless. Depression makes your confidence so low that you actually start to depend on other people for your decisions.

Do I Have High Functioning Depression

When you have high functioning depression you feel low most of the time. You constantly feel the low mood and it feels like you will never get relief from it. There are some moments when you feel happy but they did not last long. Always feel tired even after getting enough sleep. There are days when you are not able to sleep properly.

You will feel like you have no energy for work and people will consider you lazy. You will always feel bad about yourself and you think you are an unworthy person. You will do everything like going to a job, cleaning your room, cleaning your clothes but it is always very hard.

You started to gain weight you overeat anything. You feel hopeless or lonely without any reason. You start having trouble focusing on anything. You are not interested in social activities anymore. you prefer to be alone.

High Functioning Depression Is Treatable


High Functioning Depression can diminish your ability to enjoy life. There is no need to live in a low mood when there is treatment is available. The first thing is to diagnose that you have high functioning depression. Most people do not realize that their low mood is a mental illness therefore they go untreatable.

High functioning depression can be treatable with the right medications and therapy. Many antidepressants are available in the market which can enhance your mood but it could take several weeks for antidepressants to work. Therapy can help you to find the negative thought patterns and change them.

Diagnosing high functioning depression is not easy for the psychiatrist. By treating high functioning depression you can enjoy life in a better way. It will improve your functioning and quality of life.


What are the 3 main symptoms of depressive disorders?

Three main symptoms of depressive disorders are
1. Feeling of sadness, feeling emptiness or hopelessness.
2. Getting frustrated and anger at small things.
3. Having sleep problems, either insomnia or sleeping too much.

What is manic depression?

Bipolar depression is also known as manic depression. It is a mental illness that causes extreme mood swings. A person with bipolar depression is either feeling very high or very low. A person with depression feels hopeless and worthless, he loses interest in most of the activities.


In this article, we have talked about high do I have high functioning depression and its symptoms. Depression is caused by emotional problems and dissatisfaction. The symptoms of high functioning depression are not much different from depression. Most of the time people also deny that they have depression. Your close friends and relatives also ignore the symptoms of depression therefore most of the time the depression got untreatable.

And many times we don’t have any person with whom we can share things. If you are having a low mood then please talk with people who are close to you and see a psychiatrist.

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