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Discovering Your True Self

discovering your true self

Maybe you are wondering about what is our true self and how to discovering your true self. We all say I but we really don’t understand what is I. What is life? Who are we? Where did we come from? Where we are going? Is there anything that survives the death? These are the ancient questions that people are asked for thousands of years.

As soon as we are born, our parents give us names. We grow up with that name and that becomes our identity. And that is what we start to understand as our true self. But is that really our true self?

We always struggle to understand who are we? and what is our purpose?

Only those regarded as the sages in the human kingdom, the Buddhas and Christ, and so on, understood the power of I. The truth of I. And they’ve found it, in its true meaning, to be so important that they forgot everything else. They forgot everything else, including themself. And because they forgot everything else, including themself, the whole world cannot stop remembering them.

The only one who looks inside can find the real meaning of I.

To discover the true self is the most important thing a person can do. By finding your true self, a person can free itself from the frustration and stress of life. The person who understands his true self becomes more confident. He gets to know the purpose of his life.

What Is True Self?

The true self is the real self or original self of you. Your true self is when you don’t pretend things, you don’t have masks, you are what you are. The true self is your real personality or your real nature. Your true self comes out when you are with people who make you feel 100% comfortable.

You reveal your true self only to those with whom you feel comfortable.

Discovering Your True Self

Here are some steps which will help you to discover your true self.

1. By Calming Your Mind

For discovering your true self first you should stop the mind chatter. This mind chatter which we called thoughts stops people to find their true self. Most people do not know themselves because they are afraid of their inner peace. People find it very uncomfortable to be alone and find their true self. But it is the best way to find yourself by separating yourself from others.

2. Stop Being Who You Are Not

We pretend to be what we are not and in this process, we lost what we are. First thing you have to stop being who you are not and realize who you truly are. When you know who you are, you can clearly see your personality and what are your positive points and negative points.

When you stop pretending and accept yourself as it is, you discover your true self. When you discover your true self everything changes for you.

3. Find Things You Love To Do

Find those things which you really love. It is possible that you would not find these things instantaneously, it could take time. By doing the things you love, you can involved with your inner self which can help you to discover your true self.

4. Accept Your Imperfection

Accept that you are not a perfect person. Don’t think what people say about you or think about you. Nobody is perfect in this world. By accepting your imperfection, you can discover your true self.

5. Let Go Of Fake Friendship And Relationship

By surrounding yourself with fake friends and people you can never discover your true self. For realizing your true nature you have to let go of the fake friends and relationships. Fake people also make you fake and can destroy your positive vibrations.

6. Keep A Journal

You can keep a journal where you can write all your thought, feeling, and experiences which will help you to understand the true nature of yourself. By writing all these things you can be more aware of yourself.


What does it mean to find your true self?

Finding your true self is to stop pretending what you are not, becoming more aware of your true nature. Doing things that makes you happy. Surrounding yourself with positive people.


In this fast-paced life, it is very difficult to discover your true self. Most people are so busy in the rat race that they are never able to find their true self. The first step of finding your true self is to stop pretending and accepting what you are. Above we have described some of the steps which will help you to discover your true self.

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