Depression Vs Laziness

Depression Vs Laziness, many people get confused between depression and laziness. People think that they are lazy but actually, they are depressed and they have no idea about it. Depression and laziness have many things in common, many people misunderstood depression as laziness. Laziness can be a habit but depression is actually a chronic illness. If you are having sleep problems and you have difficulty on concentrate then this might be a sign of depression.

Depression can affect the energy level of a person. A person with depression can have problems with concentration. Depression is a mental illness that can affect the mood of a person. After reading this article you can easily differentiate between depression vs laziness.

What Is A Depression?

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Depression is a psychological illness. Only in America, 8% of people are suffering from depression. Depression can have a profound effect on your life. Depression can affect your feelings and thinking. People with chronic depression lose the ability to feel pleasure in life.

People with depression lose interest in things that they used to enjoy. People withdraw themselves from social life and relationship because of depression. People suffering from depression can lose or gain weight. People with depression always feel tired and restless.

A person with depression does not have the energy to do any work. He always feels tired and reckless. In depression, a man sleeps more than necessary. Hypersomnia is one of the symptoms of depression. For diagnosing the depression the symptoms must be present for more than 2 weeks. Some of the common symptoms of depression are as follows:

Emotional Symptoms Of Depression

  • Feeling sadness more than 2 weeks.
  • Feeling guilty and worthlessness.
  • Lose the interest in daily activities.
  • Social withdrawl.
  • Feeling worry all the time.
  • Feeling anxious and emptiness.

Physical Symptoms Of Depression

  • Feeling tired and lack of energy.
  • Sleeping problems.
  • Feeling disconnected.
  • Aloneness

Cognitive Symptoms Of Depression

  • Concentration problem.
  • Weak memory.
  • Negative thoughts.
  • Suicidal thinking.

What Is Laziness

Laziness is a state where people are not interested in doing anything. People are not interested to put the effort into their work. When a task looks very difficult or uninterested to a person that is the state which we called laziness. It is a state where you wants to do nothing and remain idle.

Humans are quite lazy compare to other animals. Nature has made humans lazy. A lazy person wants to live a luxurious life without putting in any effort. Some of the causes of laziness are :

  1. Lack of motivation.
  2. No purpose in life.
  3. Poor lifestyle.
  4. Nutrition Difficiency.
  5. Exhausation.
  6. Low Energy.

Causes Of Depression


Our thoughts and emotions are controlled by the chemicals like serotonin, GABA, dopamine and oxytocin. Our nervous system is dependent on these chemicals for proper functioning. Researchers believe that when these chemicals are not at their normal levels depression and other psychological disorders are occur.

When brain chemicals are not at their normal levels our brain works slowly and less efficiently. Dopamine is responsible for feeling pleasure, if dopamine levels are not normal a person starts to lose interest in life. Another chemical is serotonin which helps us in our mood. If serotonin levels are not normal, a person starts to feel mood swings.

Treatment Of Depression

There are several treatments for depression most common are psychotherapy and medications. In 2008, TMS is also used for treating depression. TMS is transcranial magnetic stimulation. TMS is a very powerful treatment in which a magnetic field is generated to the brain area which helps to regulate the mood. Most of the people did not receive any side effects with long-lasting relief from the depression.

Other than that you can do yoga and meditation for curing your depression. Meditation has shown a very good effect in curing depression, it reduces the grey matter in the stress area of the brain. People who do the meditation daily have less stress in their bodies. People with clinical depression feel less depressed after doing the meditation for 3 weeks. Depression is very powerful for getting out of your low mood.

How To Know That If A Person Is Lazy Or Depressed?

How to know that if a person is lazy or depressed? Depression is like darkness and hopelessness. If you are depressed it is very difficult to get out of bed, you will feel very tired and restless. You will never be in the mood of enjoyment.

Laziness may be due to the situation. One day you work very hard, the next day you start feeling lazy. You can feel laziness for days but depression can last for months and years. We all have days when we feel lazy. You can feel laziness for a particular task because you think it is useless. Depression can be dangerous but laziness not.

How To Cure Depression Naturally

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There are many natural ways that can help you to cure your depression naturally. You can start doing exercise on a daily basis. Regular exercise decreases the stress level of the body and enhances the mood. By eating healthy and nutritionist food, taking enough sleep can help you to cure depression. Some of the best natural ways for curing depression are as follow:

1. Daily Excercise

Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins that lift the mood. By doing daily exercise people can cure their depression. Exercise helps you to maintain your stress levels. You can get a lot of benefits only by doing 30 minutes of exercise.

You can reduce your weight and risk of heart diseases by doing daily exercise. Exercise helps you to manage blood sugars and insulin levels.

2. Eat healthy

By eating natural food you can get all the vitamins necessary for the body that can help you to reduce your depression. Vitamins are very necessary for the body, for getting the vitamins in enough amount a person should eat the healthy food.

There is a link between vitamin D deficiency and depression. There is research that shows that people with depression has low vitamin D. By taking the vitamin D in your diet you can reduce your depressions. There are many medicines of Vitamin D in the market, which you can take to meet the deficiency of Vitamin D.

3. Sleep

Not taking enough sleep can make your depression worse. If you are not able to sleep properly then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. For solving your sleep problem you should make a habit of going to bed at the same time every day.

For good sleep, TV and mobile should be avoided 1 hour before sleeping. Try to make your room temperature down, by lowering the temperature of your body you can get better sleep.

4. Eliminating Negative Thoughts

Depression is a mental illness that changes the thoughts of a person. A person with depression has more negative thoughts. All the hopeless thoughts, negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts come into mind when you are depressed.

For curing depression a person should focus on positive thoughts or positivity in life. You can do some yoga and meditation for eliminating negative thoughts.

5. Avoiding Alcohol

People also go into depression due to consuming too much alcohol. People who consume alcohol and drugs are more likely to suffer from depression. Long term use of alcohol and drugs can change the structure of the brain which can cause depression. It is better to avoid alcohol if you have depression.


What is the most reliable symptom of depression?

Some of the most reliable symptoms of depression are described below:
1. Feeling sadness for more than 2 weeks.
2. Feeling guilty and worthless.
3. Lose interest in daily activities.
4. Social withdrawal.
5. Feeling worried all the time.
6. Feeling anxious and empty.

What is the main cause of laziness?

lack of energy, poor diet, not taking proper rest and not getting enough sleep are the main cause of laziness.

What are 4 major causes of depression?

genetics, alcohols, child abuse and sudden loss of a family person are the 4 major causes of depression.


Whether it’s depression or laziness the only person which can help you is you. You have to start looking deep within yourself that is what makes you depressed or lazy. After discovering that thing you should work on it. After reading this article you can easily differentiate between depression vs laziness and be able to give the answer of is it depression or laziness.

In this article, we have covered topics like depression vs laziness, What Is A Depression? Causes Of Depression, Treatment Of Depression, How To Know That If A Person Is Lazy Or Depressed? and How To Cure Depression Naturally.

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