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Thanks for visiting the website. I always had a deep interest in Spirituality, Nirvana, Enlightenment these things have always fascinated me. I am always curious about these things.

My deep passion for spirituality has forced me to start this blog. I live in Uttarakhand which is a state in India. Uttarakhand is very well known for its natural environment. Rishikesh which is in Uttarakhand is quite popular among the spiritual people. Uttarakhand is also referred to as the “Devbhumi”.

Some of the people who really inspire me are UG Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, and Alan Watts. By listening to these people you really start to question the true reality of nature.

What Do I Write About?

My main focus is to write about spirituality and life problems. We always find ourselves in some situations where we need someone’s help. My main motive is to write an article which can help people to tackle their daily life problems. These days anxiety and stress becomes a big problem for people. Most people with anxiety and stress find deep relaxation in spirituality.

Meaning Of Spirituality

Spirituality does not have a specific definition. Spirituality is realizing what is the meaning of life. Spirituality tells people how to live their life. You can understand spirituality as the process of freeing the mind from fear and excessive thinking. Spirituality is the process to make the peace with your inner self. Spirituality is the understanding that things are not always in our control. Spirituality tells us sometimes we have to let go of things.

People who follow spirituality always practice meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. Spirituality is the process of rising above your ego and awakening to higher consciousness.

Focus Of This Website

The main motive of the website is to provide information about spirituality and help people in their daily life problems. These days people are having stress, anxiety, and relationship problem, our website is focusing on these topics. We have articles on spirituality, mental health, philosophy, and quotes.

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